Call for safe and legal passage into Europe!

Sixty million people are today displaced and seeking refuge. Sixty million people who after years of drought, floodings, famine, oppression, terror and war have no other option left but to leave their homes to try to save themselves and their loved ones.


Each and everyone of them would rather have continued with their lives if it had been possible. No one flees, no one places their children on a boat risking to capsize or crowds into an airtight truck, if there were an alternative. But to save their lives and the lives of their children only flight remained. We would have done the same in their situation. And just like we wish for others to support us if necessary, we support the ones who are now forced to flee. We share the same dream of a good life for us and our dear ones.

It is the human right of all of us to flee and seek asylum. And it is our responsibility to welcome fellow humans seeking refuge – it is a responsibility we gladly take! All the spontaneous solidarity initiatives being taken lately prove that. Clothes, supplies and money is being collected, rooms are being shared, signatures gathered and demonstrations held.

We act as responsible fellow humans – and we demand that more responsibility is being taken on a political level, on a European level. 

Because, of these sixty million people currently seeking refuge only a fraction reaches Europe. And the ones who do, do so after having had to place their savings and their lives in the hands of traffickers and risk their lives on crowded boats on the Mediterranean Sea or in airtight trucks on the road from Hungary to Austria. This is completely unacceptable!

It is completely unacceptable that refugees are talked about as ”floods” or ”swarms” and not as humans, as individuals like us. When discussing whether we can afford to take in more refugees or if we really can be expected to help everyone fleeing, we ask ourselves what there is possibly to be discussed as long as people die on our borders?

We say: We can afford to help our fellow humans – of course we can! We have the possibilities, we have the resources, we have the will to do so! We gladly open up our wallets, our homes and our hearts to people forced to seek refuge!

And we demand that the government passes on the message to the emergency EU-meeting in Brussels on the 14th of September:

  • We demand safe and legal passage of flight into Europe! Not one more woman, man or child should have to drown in the Mediterranean Sea. Not one more human should have to suffocate in airtight trucks.
  • We demand that the EU immediately stops sending back people to Hungary, Greece, Italy or Macedonia! People seeking refuge are not to be met by barbed wire fences, riot police and border patrols with tear gas and batons.

Fortress Europe – not in our name!
The planet belongs to everyone – welcome!

/Nätverket Linje 17

September 12th is a European Day of Action for Refugees. #RefugeesWelcome

We gather at Sergels torg at 14 o’ clock. Time and place may come to be altered!

The rest of the world is demonstrating too – is there no event in your town? Get together with your friends and neighbors and arrange one!

Here is a guide on how to arrange Solidarity with refugees.



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